Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank You Opportunities!

This about sums up the week that I've had, and most everyone else I've spoken or written to.  Hmm...

So after the week of all weeks, I decided there was only one solution: jump in the pool and make it a long swim! My initial goal was the longest I've swum this year, but near the 3/4 point I thought, "ahh.. why not add on 1/4 mile more..." and near the 3/4 point of that I thought, "why not add on 1/4 mile more... we'll see what happens, how the body feels."

I was secretly hoping to make the extra 1/4 mile and extra 3/4 mile, but wanted to keep my expectations low. Really, I've only been swimming "again" since last year, and the longest I saw then was one 1.75 mile swim. This is early on my "return to swim Feb/Oct cycle due to those HSers and self scheduling." The net sum of today's swim was 2.0+ miles, and I am thinking of putting in one long swim a week. Ojala!

Well, I made it... with a lot left in the tank! I slowed down quite a bit, but that was by choice, and I ENJOYED each stroke! The hot tub was superb after, and I dug into my homemade granola bars once I got to my car!

So while the week has taught me a LOT, I also know that I'm more than the week. Within each set of obstacles, or perceived obstacles, lies the OPPORTUNITY to grow, to reevaluate who we are, and to be with those who really matter to us.

Thank you week of obstacles for allowing me to grow more deeply! Thank you pool for being so comforting to this tired mind! Thank you true friends who have stood by my side, listened, and supported no matter what was going on!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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  1. Hi there;-)
    What am I grateful for at this moment?

    The fact that I get to be the one home w/the kids when they're sick: to read to them, scratch their backs and make them feel better...;)