Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank You 'Burgh!

This is where I grew up. Relatively speaking after the many moves, and before the many moves. Yet, there's something special about this place that I'll forever cherish.

Allow me to walk down memory lane for a moment please: the first ride at Kennywood- the kangaroo!; the first time I drove through the Ft. Pitt Tunnels and saw the fountain at the Point (and Mom's exclamations as she drove!); spending a summer at Pitt writing with the YWP and doing all sorts of amazing things at the Cathedral of Learning; cartwheeling across the lawn in front of Heinz Chapel; the '91 and '92 Stanley Cup Championships; the '90-'92 Pirates; Franco Harris visiting my elementary school and my not having a clue as to who he was! (hey, I had just been there for less than 14 months....); lunch at La Feria's; researching for hours in the stacks at the Carnegie Library; and then there are these memories...

Summer nights at my neighbors' house playing any form of ball game until the wife called the hub in; Bethel Bakery cupcakes; walking to/from Summer Bible Camp; skinning my knee on my neighbors' driveway and being told "I have no sympathy for you. I told you not to run down the hill" (ah, I appreciated it.... and the scar reminds me to listen to adults sometimes!); chasing balls down the hill and praying they didn't go down the drain; apple bowling into the drains (don't ask.... or if you do...); watching cars attempt to make it up the hill, but slide back down at our home on snowy and icey days; a wobbly tire swing and a balancing nightmare wooden swing (only Dad truly even mastered it...); and more....

I was on loop 3 of the run today when I decided to walk a bit earlier and take in the sights. I thought about passing the people with the dog, but something told me to slow down.... By the time I got to the overlook they were still there, and I had planned on watching the waves for a while.

We got to talking instead, and shortly into the conversation, it turned to Pittsburgh. The wife grew up there (North Hills) and the husband first remarked, "aren't the people there so kind?" Hmm.. kindred souls! I knew these people from before, and they apparently remembered me far better than them.

Our chat was quite the Sunday chat! In fact it went on so long that Buddy (cocker spaniel) was able to stealthily sneak off into the area that the wife didn't want him to (murky water), and we decided to continue our chat as we finished the loop.

Thank you Pittsburgh for being a connection spot! Thank you for allowing me wonderful days growing up, and for sowing your seeds of love even to this day!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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  1. Awww, I love this post! Makes me long for a warm, sunny day so I can go lay on the Cathedral law with a blanket and a book!

    The kangaroo was my first non-kiddyland ride at Kennywood! My dad and my aunt took my cousin and I on it when we were maybe... 7-8ish. I think I was terrified!

    I'm grateful to live in the 'Burgh! :)