Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank You JoJo's!!

JoJo's is the local ice cream place that EVERYONE visits! JoJo's is the place that has buckets of toys for kids to play with, and on a Friday night at 10 pm is basically a street party! JoJo's has kiddie cones for $1.57, and a kiddie cone is free to kids 2 and under with any adult purchase (kids must be on the premises to get the cone).

JoJo's is where I've spent many moments in my life both simple and profound, and where my Mom requests going whenever she visits. JoJo's is where Dad admits they make the creamiest ice cream of anywhere. JoJo's ranks neck and neck with JP Licks in my taste bud book.

Today JoJo's opened for the season. Today I treated myself to a pina collada cone! Today my cells celebrated in awesomeness, and today I vowed to only go once a month in the summer!

Thank you JoJo's for all that you do for the community, and for being the place where everybody goes in the best kind of way!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

1 comment:

  1. Ice cream sounds yummy right now - even though it's snowing right now(!)

    Right now I'm thankful for surviving am unusually high-stress week at work and for having awesome parents... my parents rarely call me in the mornings, but somehow my dad must've sensed something on Wed. morning and called to see how I was doing, and caught me mid-freaking-out at work. The next day at work, I was surprised with a flower delivery from my parents with a card reminding me to take baby-steps and that "you never look for the end of a race, you only focus on running one step at a time."