Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank You "on Island Time..."

I'm not a highly competitive person, but I enjoy helping others who are.  Professional volunteer over pro athlete of any kind (or competitive athlete of any kind) is my style. 

I find my peace in supporting others, in refilling sweaty bottles at ultras, while mixing gooey-slushy bags of mystery subtances into bladders, in giving directions to the next aid station, while doing all of the you-don't-know-who-did-it prep work to ensure that races go well, as I heckle runners just because others have taught me well, and in being a mere moment of relief on a long journey. 

I still run when I want, yoga til my heart is content, and delight in a good swim, but just in balance.  Still, a good athlete's blog keeps my fire sparked for maybe a change of heart... or... just a good reminder that we're all in it together in our own wonderful ways.

Even better is a blog that speaks truth... in the very unique ways that resonate with the select group who truly get it...

Like Beth's ...

Yes, being "on Island Time..." is a to cherish!

Thank you, Beth, for this great take on what a week without kids, grades, final exams, parents questioning things, last minute meetings, yearbook distribution, and more is like!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

Thank You L!

I co-taught my first yoga class with L this morning!  A lovely 6:30 am deal that was (classically) taught without my having slept much the night before.

There were six amazing students, one fabulous crystal singing bowl, a beautiful banner of color and inspiration, and well...the most important thing... acceptance.

Despite having sleep-less moments, I knew and accepted deep, deep down that this was what I needed to do.  I prayed, I reflected, and I accepted.  Ah... acceptance!

Class went smoothly, and when L asked my thoughts I told her in so many words that I believed I had messed up a good bit of the first part.  She saw it otherwise, and explained to me why.  Ah... right.. the gentle objective perspective!  So valued and needed in life!

It's been told to me time and time again in this process, that we will make our own mark on the yoga tradition.  At the end of class, I felt comfortable with what that was, and I stepped into it...and accepted it! 

L was a delight to co-teach with.  Last night, just before heading to bed, she sent me an e-mail telling me that today would be "awesome" and an earlier one telling me that she looked forward to today's class!

After having taught for many years, these were some of the nicest, most reassuring, and welcoming words I've ever read!  L provided me with some dandy feedback post class, too... like how I need to learn to project more!  Ah...right... must work on my PE voice!

L, thank you for being an excellent friend and co-teacher!  Thank you for welcoming me into your class, and showing me the way by example!  Thank you for helping me to step further onto my path with warmth and peace! 

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank You Kayaks!

School ended yesterday at about 2:30 p.m. when I turned in all of my keys and paperwork!

With my car filled with a random assortment of paper boxes and bags, I headed to a friend's house to kayak.  Although I had planned on taking two yoga classes, I decided about noon that being out on the water would make the day better.

For the first time in a full year (and only the second time ever!), I learned how much the balance of yoga has helped with kayaking!  I think my internal sea body has been activated, and I saw and felt massive improvement in my navagating the plastic-mobile. 

We only went up stream a bit, where I received a history lesson on the waters.  Gliding along, watching the hawks, red-winged black birds, dragonflies, and other amazing creatures was music to my cells...the peaceful lullaby that soothes the wonders and concerns of another middle school year laid to rest and brings hope for times to come.

Thank you, S, for sharing your kayaks and home! Thank you for allowing me to develop more skills and comfort!  Thank you, too, for feeding me when I arrived famished!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank You Yoga Teachers!

My yoga teacher training teachers are the best...for me!  When I decided to do this training, I researched endlessly and made my decision in large part on my gut feeling.  It was spot on!

Today one teacher at the studio who I see every-so often, but not too often happened to greet me with the biggest, cheeriest, most heartfelt smile.  At a time when pure exhaustion is my state, this meant the world.  I hope she knows it! :-)

During the first part of TT (teacher training), our teacher decided to push us a bit more with an activity.  It was amazing!  She even raved about how well we did to the program director!  (Thanks B!)

At the very end of the night, the program director touched my arm when I was feeling very uncertain about a happening earlier in class.  I asked her a truly blunt question, and she responded in a manner that indicated that it was my exhaustion asking and all was well.  After already crying in the bathroom before the closing, I had another moment of tears.

What I love and appreciate most about our teachers is that they seemingly know how to help each of us just so.  They are patient, persistent, positive, and more!  They lift us up and keep us focused on the tasks at hand... no easy feat with 11 amazing women to teach.

To all of my yoga teachers (past, present, future), and especially this dynamic group.. thank you for guiding me, encouraging me, supporting me, and above all...understanding me and our entire group!

My path of yoga teacher training is abundantly more blessed with this superb group of humans!

Thank you to all of them!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You Kind Drivers!

This morning I took my time eating my quinoa-banana-honey breakfast while watching the light stream through the trees above the creek. I wound up praying that traffic would move just a bit faster to make up for my quiet time of rest. 

As I neared the 3 mile mark of my 23 mile journey, a man moved to the right so I could pass. As I passed him, I looked to my right, waved, and mouthed "thank you" in my normal fashion.  To my humble surprise, he smiled and waved back!

Later on as I headed to yoga teacher training, I entered a crazy patch of road and a man let the car in front of me in before motioning for me to go.  I was stunned by the kindness at 4:15 pm.  Then I looked a bit further to my right, and a man was leaving a car length or two in front of him.  I motioned to ask if he needed to merge in front of me, and he signaled back that he was wondering if I needed to move into his lane.  I shook my head no, waved with a smile, and again mouthed "thank you" which he returned with a smile.

How often does this happen?  How often do we wish it would?  I have been praying that drivers would simply appreciate each other and share in the fellowship of humanity more often.  Wish granted.  How delightful to see and experience it!

Thank you to my fellow compassionate drivers!  Thank you for showing me that anything is possible, and for being an example to others!  Thank you for allowing me to be on the receiving end of compassion which is something I'm working on!  May all of your travels be peaceful.

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank You Little Things!

We all know it's the little things that make the world go round. This is all about those that filled my life with joy and awesomeness today!

  • 3 students who checked in after 7th period to tell me, "There's a sub in Mr. B's room.  We'll be there instead of here with you."  Ah...students being responsible with only 8 days left! :-)
  • Getting Sharpie on my hand instead of my pants!  Hip Hip Hooray!
  • Receiving a coupon via e-mail for stuff I really needed!

  • Feeling better as the day went on...little by little!
  • Remembering to bring something to school that contained a very important paper that needed to be turned in today!
  • Taking time to celebrate the positive things students are doing!

  • Ideas hitting in IKEA for a project as I stood there staring at picture frames, and then actually making a decision!
  • Rehydrating myself with water after a long day!
  • Making time for core work despite still feeling ugh-ish!
Thank you to all of these wonderful small things that help to make my day sparkle and shine!  Extra special thanks to the dragonfly that danced above my windshield during the errands this afternoon!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!