Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You Kind Drivers!

This morning I took my time eating my quinoa-banana-honey breakfast while watching the light stream through the trees above the creek. I wound up praying that traffic would move just a bit faster to make up for my quiet time of rest. 

As I neared the 3 mile mark of my 23 mile journey, a man moved to the right so I could pass. As I passed him, I looked to my right, waved, and mouthed "thank you" in my normal fashion.  To my humble surprise, he smiled and waved back!

Later on as I headed to yoga teacher training, I entered a crazy patch of road and a man let the car in front of me in before motioning for me to go.  I was stunned by the kindness at 4:15 pm.  Then I looked a bit further to my right, and a man was leaving a car length or two in front of him.  I motioned to ask if he needed to merge in front of me, and he signaled back that he was wondering if I needed to move into his lane.  I shook my head no, waved with a smile, and again mouthed "thank you" which he returned with a smile.

How often does this happen?  How often do we wish it would?  I have been praying that drivers would simply appreciate each other and share in the fellowship of humanity more often.  Wish granted.  How delightful to see and experience it!

Thank you to my fellow compassionate drivers!  Thank you for showing me that anything is possible, and for being an example to others!  Thank you for allowing me to be on the receiving end of compassion which is something I'm working on!  May all of your travels be peaceful.

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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