Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank You L!

I co-taught my first yoga class with L this morning!  A lovely 6:30 am deal that was (classically) taught without my having slept much the night before.

There were six amazing students, one fabulous crystal singing bowl, a beautiful banner of color and inspiration, and well...the most important thing... acceptance.

Despite having sleep-less moments, I knew and accepted deep, deep down that this was what I needed to do.  I prayed, I reflected, and I accepted.  Ah... acceptance!

Class went smoothly, and when L asked my thoughts I told her in so many words that I believed I had messed up a good bit of the first part.  She saw it otherwise, and explained to me why.  Ah... right.. the gentle objective perspective!  So valued and needed in life!

It's been told to me time and time again in this process, that we will make our own mark on the yoga tradition.  At the end of class, I felt comfortable with what that was, and I stepped into it...and accepted it! 

L was a delight to co-teach with.  Last night, just before heading to bed, she sent me an e-mail telling me that today would be "awesome" and an earlier one telling me that she looked forward to today's class!

After having taught for many years, these were some of the nicest, most reassuring, and welcoming words I've ever read!  L provided me with some dandy feedback post class, too... like how I need to learn to project more!  Ah...right... must work on my PE voice!

L, thank you for being an excellent friend and co-teacher!  Thank you for welcoming me into your class, and showing me the way by example!  Thank you for helping me to step further onto my path with warmth and peace! 

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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