Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank You Wolves!

Today on my run, I ran into two wolves.  One acted like this,

and the other like this.

There was something different about these wolves. It was probably because the first, oldest, and most ferocious had these

and was wearing

under her pink down jacket that matched her skirt/dress.

As I initially approached the wolves, what I saw was a mom, a dad, two girls, and a double jogger. I was quickly informed with caution and care by the dad, "You might not be able to pass. Careful!"

I stepped nearer and nearer, and was scared out of my mind by wolves growling, arms above head, teeth baring, and faces in full emotion! (Okay, maybe not scared, but brought out of my "what the heavens?" mindset into "holy heavens!" mindset.)

The dad said to me, "Wolves! You might be scared!" I explained that I teach, and middle schoolers are a bit scarier, so the big wolf growled more. The little wolf did the same. I stared down the wolves, and walked by.

The little wolf didn't budge. She stood firm in the center of the trail. I started to walk by, but turned around, raised my arms, and growled! Little wolf smiled! I attempted to run little wolf back to her pack, but she was not having it! So we faced off again, and eventually she ran back to her protective and prospering-awesomeness pack!

Thank you wolves for teaching me that we should play more often! Thank you for welcoming to your world of wonder and imagination! Thank you for living it so fully in a place I cherish deeply! Thank you for being the coolest animals I've ever encountered on the trail! Special thanks to Mom and Dad Wolf for encouraging their children in the best of possible ways! (Is it any surprise that Dad Wolf is an elementary/middle school violin teacher? I think not!)

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!


  1. Hi friend;-)
    I know I already responded with 'niiiccce'.

    For me...I"m gonna go play tree tag with the kids this week. thank u.


  2. Love this story :) The pictures are a nice touch!

    Right now, I'm simply grateful to be at home, feet up on the couch, wearing cozy clothes and not having anything on the agenda other than blog-reading!