Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You Swim!!

This afternoon I returned home.

It felt as comfy as my smartwool socks on a brry day, and as familiar as my favorite pen. 

I haven't been able to swim on a regular basis for about four months, because high schools in this area don't have their own pools (unlike where I grew up, where Bethel Park routinely battled North Allegheny for state championships...go Blackhawks!), and I'm of the firm belief that my former students should only have mental images of me in street clothes- NOT a swimsuit!

As a result of only swimming on some Code Red days and the recent changes in training and life, my goals were simple:  250 yd warm up, 1350 yd free continuous swim, 200 yd cool down.  I set tiny goals for the 1350, mainly to go out faster than last year, and to make sure it was a continous swim.

My legs have always been my strength, and have probably saved me from drowning a few times in the ocean. They started off strong, leading the pack, and I focused on form a bit. Yet, by the end, when I counted down each lap, my arms were leading the charge! I was truly blown away!  (...and it was a continous swim! Success!)

I had an "ideal" time goal, and went over it by 3 minutes. For me that was pretty darn wow-some! You see, while I feel most at home in the water, I've only been back at what I love since last year for a long-long time.

I know that today is only the start of great moments, where I feel like this.

Thank you high schoolers for being done with swim season! Thank you pool for being a place where I can feel free, challenge my body, and work on so much! Thank you body for holding up, as you did quite well! I'm proud of you, body!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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