Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You Times Four! (Special Valentine's Day Edition!)

With a day dedicated to...

I'm extra thankful for what life has brought me!

I have more to be grateful for than what I list below, but it's a pretty good wrap up for today!

My car!  I'm continuously amazed at how the beauty continues to run, thrive, and propel me to places! The whole system of things blows my mind away! By no means am I a mechanic, but I understand some aspects. I just really appreciate my little blue creature that puts so much ease into my life!

Thank you car for your reliability and your patience with me! Thank you for being fuel efficient and comfy! Thank you for taking me to places far away and continuing to make the general runs!

There are very few foods to which I have a strong addiction; however, when I ran out of the regular tamari almonds from Trader Joe's a week or two ago, I was seriously bummed! Thankfully TJ's was on my way to volunteer with cancer patients tonight!

Thank you tamari almonds for popping on my taste buds! Thank you for filling me up just enough to get through the day! Thank you for being something extra special!

True story- I made it home from Fairfax (where 495 and 66 meet) to near Route 1 in 29 minutes! I left Life with Cancer at 6:11 p.m., and at 6:40 p.m. I turned onto a side street near Route 1!  Wow! This might be a first for thanking DC metro traffic, but one needs to appreciate it when it happens!

Thank you NOVA drivers for being kind and courteous (only one "what the ???? are you doing!??!" driver) tonight! Thank you traffic for smoothly moving along! Thank you on ramp to 495 for having welcoming drivers as I merged! Thank you 95 south drivers for NOT slamming on your brakes extensively!

Perhaps the most special comes last. A friend sent me an e-mail telling me that when she finished FIRST in a 5k this weekend that this blog and our chats entered her brain. She was hurting, and yet she put up the mantra of "thank-you" with each step of her speedy feet!

I write this blog because it's what I love. Being grateful is something that has transformed my life. I do my best to live by example, and share only when necessary. Each of us, afterall, is the navigator of our own ship and life. 

Yet, knowing this person is a pretty cool human, it meant the world to me! She saw her physical pain not as pain, but as a gift that her body would run that fast! She appreciated her body for its efforts and for what it allowed her to do. That, my friends, is absolutely amazing!

Thank you running friend for your kind e-mail! Thank you for listening to me babble about stuff! Thank you for being who you are and setting the example that you do for others! Congratulations on the terrific run, and best wishes with each step of the journey!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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  1. Aww, thank you for the "thank you!" I have to say thanks again for your encouragement, guidance, and listening to my babbles as well! :)