Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You S!

Each half of a chapter, I assign my students two major vocabulary projects: repetition writing and a picture dictionary (aka a LdeV). Reality says, some love them, and some would prefer to never see repetition writing ever again. Yet, I base the assignments on research, and allow the LdeV to be done in any format of the student's choosing, as long as I can physically grade it.

Last week, one of my 3rd period students walked up to my desk with a small paper box, and said, "Here!" with a big smile on her face. I held it like one holds a newborn, and she said, "pull it" referring to the string that was sticking from the box that read, "pull me" on it.

Skepticism streaked my face, and she encouraged me to follow directions. I pulled the string, and out came her picture dictionary! She had written each vocabulary word, taped it to the yarn, drawn a picture for each vocabulary word (per the assignment), and taped it below the written Spanish word.

To say that my face looked like this... would be an understatement.

What touched me more was the following sequence of events:

  • S. explained that she didn't have computer access, and she remembered how to fold the boxes from an art class last year.  NO excuses from her!!
  • S. said that she showed her Mom her project, and her mom replied, "I'm proud of you." Grades are meaningless when compared to a mom's support, or any adult's for that matter. Sure, I'm glad she received the 105%, but knowing that she shared a special moment with her mom is more of a "grade" in my book.
  • S. beamed when she shared her project with other classes. She's normally a very shy young lady who doesn't draw attention to herself. This was a project that demonstrated her talent, and she was excited to share with others!
  • Another teacher learned of her project, and asked if I would loan it to her to use as an example for a different type of project. S. said to me today, "Mrs. F. talked to me! It was so cool! It made me feel warm inside." This is why I teach!
So..... S. thank you for being responsible, for living a no excuses kind of life, and for sharing with me something that looks a bit like this...

but it its own cool way!

By the way, I "borrowed" S.'s idea for a birthday present for my nephew. All of my students have asked about it, and said it was beyond awesome! S.'s creativity continues to inspire.

Thank you S. for all that you teach me, and all that you teach your classmates and other teachers!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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  1. Very cool idea; it sounds like this project was a nice little boost of confidence for your student!

    I'm grateful for friends who remind me what I have accomplished and how much I have to be proud of... especially when I turn into my own worst critic!