Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You Free Running!

Ah, summer vacation!

The brain is finally winding down, the soul relaxing, and the desire to push my body is not so present!

I knew I needed to run, but after yesterday's ache fest, I wasn't looking forward to it. 
Oh, the benefits of a run, yeah, I understood it, but again, the actual happening well... hmm.

I gave myself time, and listened to my body. 
I did a "Tibetan" warm up (a la David's Sivananada yoga class)-
think 10 downward dog-upward dog transitions;
I worked out my practicum a bit and warmed my body up nicely;
and I enjoyed a lovely farmers market nectarine for breakfast!

I arrived at the trail head at 9:20ish, and for some reason I just didn't feel like putting on my shoes! 
I was in that run-walk-hike mental mind field, so I set out in my Tevas...and...

I ran!!!

My body lit up in joy with my first step!  My breath was pure and free!  My soul was so happy! 

Right, I know barefoot running has become the norm,
but something in my soul was connecting deep within. 
The Spanish teacher in me was uniting with the Tarahumaras,
 the writer in me was delighting with the T connection (Tarahumara and Teva),
 and more!

I ran farther than yesterday and faster, too! 

I have to say these $21 super clearance sandals from REI many years back were a heavenly lot more enjoyable than my too-suped-up-for-those-trails shoes. 

I'll be back tomorrow for another go...
afterall, my legs responded a billion times better than I thought,
and oh the feeling of freedom!
The feeling of running down a nature-debris-littered trail (from previous storms),
with humidity washing over and through my pores,
and the sounds of snakes, squirrels, cardinals, and other animals going about their lives!

Thank you, Tevas, for the amazing stability and freedom! 
Thank you, Virginia, for a welcoming set of trails so so close to home! 
Thank you, Mother Nature, for the familiarity and sense of home...
and for welcoming to learn each step of the way!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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  1. oh how fun and freeing! i used to have a pair of those. I bet they around here somewhere!