Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank You Yoga Teacher Training ABC Style

Two days before my birthday I embarked on my life long dream (somewhat noted on this blog): yoga teacher training. When I started it I nearly quit.  The first night was rough.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to complete it.  I had massive doubts, which I shared with a co-trainee during a listening activity on the second day.  She was shocked. 

During my interview for the program, the director asked me what would make me quit.  I listed off a few things, and she responded something to the effect of, "What I'm hearing is that you would quit if you got in your way."  I confirmed that.  I can be my best support of my worst nightmare.

A few weeks ago I still didn't have a clue as to why I was completing the program.  I knew I needed to, but something was missing. The more I pushed on, the more I stayed present, the more I accepted and learned.

I'm not quite half-way through the program.  It has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life, and also one of the most profoundly humbly and rewarding.

Without further ado...the ABCs of gratitude- yoga teacher training style.

A- apples and almonds (the best snack food ever)
B- breathing exercises (one of the best things I've learned and shared with others!!)
C- courage (to follow one's dream)
D- discipline
E- ease (the proverbial balance to strength)
F- family (the trainees have formed a tight family)
G- growth
H- heart (it's all about that baby!)
I- inspiration (when you listen to the stories, you do certain activities, and you reflect, you know it's pure inspiration)
J- joy (it's almost like freedom doing this thing...)
K- kindness (my fellow trainees and teachers offer it often)
L- laughter (oh, so many classes are filled with it!)
M- memories (a lifetime in a few weeks/months...)
N- new sense of normal (that's what this is)
O- offerings (our nightly treats.. yum!)
P- patience ('nuff said)
Q- quinoa salads (mmm... dinners!)
R- rest (for this I have new found respect)
S- strength and simplicity (see ease)
T- teachers (we are blessed with some of the...if not THE best!!)
U- understanding (for myself, the tradition, the practice, and all involved)
V- victory (the big and the little..each class is filled with many)
W- water (my good friend that keeps my awake in class)
X- x-tra soft bolsters (on which to lean during some classes)
Y- yearning (what my heart does for this experience)
Z- zany noises (let's just say the program is often in a busy city...and during calm times it's normal to hear pounding music, emergency sirens, conversations from the street, and more)

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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