Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You Mature Students!

When you teach middle school, you never know what you are going to get from one moment to the next. Yesterday I had a mix of wound-up and wound-down students. The happy balance I sought for optimal learning was hidden beneath a cloak of why-are-we-here-ness?

Today I had two classes of Level 2 students work respectfully and thoughtfully on some reading and grammar activities.  The later class arrived so well-focused that I allowed them to choose the order of their activities.

They all chose to complete the written-turned-speaking activities first and then head outside.  As it was in the mid 70s and this class was right before lunch, a few minutes in the lung-rejuvenating air was the perfect "thank you" from me to them.

We played a fierce game of "Hunde o Salva" aka Sink or Save and I heard just how much vocabulary was cemented in their cerebros!

As a bonus they learned some amusing phrases in Spanish that they said in English, I translated, and they repeated in Spanish!

My Level 1 classes demonstrated their dilligence with food pyramid learning.  They partnered up or individualed it with determination and focus.  Many commented that they were shocked at how much they completed in a period.  Hmm...

So while only a few more weeks of 8th grade remain for these stellar students, I'm forever grateful that they showed their maturity on their learning.  They will do great things one day, and their foundation is quite strong.

Thank you, students, for your focus and dedication! Thank you for your listening and teamwork! Thank you for putting forth effort even when yesterday so many of you asked, "is it summer yet?"  I'm grateful to learn with you.

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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