Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank You Spring Break!

Oh, perhaps I should thank yoga teacher training for all that it is doing for me, but Spring Break has been the best gift since Friday afternoon when it began! 

On Saturday I went for a run in the cold rain through the bluebells with 3 friends and 2 new-to-me runners.  I learned, I listened, I followed, I splashed in mud, I made time for soaking in the vistas while keeping a steady pace, and most of all, I enjoyed each breath, slip, slide, suction-stuck step, and more!

Then I listened to my favorite CDs all day as the rain came a pouring down, before I chatted with Dad who had the most wonderful solution to my Easter dilemma!  (I love my Dad!)

Today I've worked on art project, wandered to the farmer's market, found apple sauce on sale, and baked until I cannot bake any more!  I still have another batch to go, but it may wait til later this week.  Afterall, Spring Break continues.

With all of this, I've reflected.  A lot!  Yoga teacher training has pushed me far and near, and this week is needed for me to make it further.  In being pushed, I've reached out to a few friends, and have found the comfort that is needed.  Thank you to them for knowing the kind words and the encouragement!

For all that will come, for all that will be rested, recharged, refocused, run, swum, cleaned, doodled, etc.... thank you Spring Break for your gift!  Thank you for comfy weather, dancing green trees, a crazy robbin that likes to wake me up at 615 in the morning, and more!  Thank you for coming at the right time, and for supporting me in ways seen and unseen!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!

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