Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank You Run-Hike!

The run started off strong today. Very strong. I ran up hills at a superb speed, and I was consistent with them. It was the best I'd ever run on that trail! Then a funny thing happened after the turn around: the valve on my hand-held bottle tore three-fourths off. I opted to hike the rest of the way instead.

There's a beauty to hiking that I enjoy. You can move at your own speed, look around, soak in the trail, and be grateful for all of life and the opportunity to move.

During the run I was thrilled with the improved fitness and joy that I felt when running. I was running for me, and because it felt right. The hike was just as magnificent. To marvel at the heights of the trees, the sounds of the high school crew teams on the river, and the silly squirrels was a blessing.

I'm glad I took these four days away from yoga teacher training to return to my base: swimming and trail running.

Thank you woods and weather for blessing me with today's adventures! Thank you for celebrating with me and for encouraging me each step and breath!

For what are you grateful at this moment?

Share with me, as we celebrate being grateful!